When Cute Art Turns Creepy

Sometimes the creepiest things aren't malevolent and grotesque, but cute and sweet... and a recent art exhibit proved it. The "Cute and Creepy Art Exhibit" confronted us with terrifying fluffy animals, and alarming children. What could people do except dress up in their greatest gothic finery? » 10/31/11 7:00am 10/31/11 7:00am

Cute & Creepy Art Exhibit - Part III (The People)

This art exhibit isn't just about the art being presented but about the true celebration of the imagination. Many of the attendees at the opening embraced this idea and came in costumes they had made. » 10/31/11 12:06am 10/31/11 12:06am

"Cute and Creepy" Part 1

Something weird and wonderful is happenning in Tallahassee. The Cute and Creepy Art Exhibit - guest curated by Carrie Ann Baade. She brings together a collection of Pop Surrealism from 24 of the most imaginative and artistic minds. » 10/01/11 12:23am 10/01/11 12:23am

Cute & Creepy Art Exhibit - Part II

More amazing art. Less than an hour into the opening, the gallery was so crowded you could barely walk around. It was attended from people of all ages, from infants in arms to art-loving seniors. » 10/01/11 12:06am 10/01/11 12:06am

The Horrible, Amazing, Odd Story Behind the Stories of Thackery T.…

What do you get when you cross NYT bestselling author Lev Grossman with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and a collection of strange artifacts? You get Doctor Roboticus, that's what. » 9/30/11 4:47pm 9/30/11 4:47pm

Jeremy Zerfoss is the artist who never sleeps

From his eye-catching book covers to his weird sense of humor in his comics, you know you're in for a wild ride with Jeremy Zerfoss. There's a sweetness in his images (and playfulness, too) that hide a more sinister side. » 9/14/11 9:40am 9/14/11 9:40am

The Ghosts and Strangers of J.K. Potter

Artist J.K. Potter has been working his magic in the world of the dark and surreal for over 20 years. He was creating Steampunk imagery long before the current craze. Nobody designs a haunted building or ghostly apparitions quite like he does. » 7/13/11 8:00am 7/13/11 8:00am

The Lost Machines of Richard A. Kirk

Richard A. Kirk is an artist inspired by the close-up view in his backyard garden - especially fungi, plants, insects, and birds. His intricate pieces are filled with so much that each time you look, you come away with something new. » 5/25/11 8:00am 5/25/11 8:00am

The Fantastical Pinup Girls of Danni Shinya Luo [NSFW]

Danni Shinya Luo's work focuses on the beauty of the female form, and she understands what makes a woman sexy. Using watercolors, she combines the fierceness of a woman's power with the bright, fresh colors of the natural world. » 5/02/11 3:00pm 5/02/11 3:00pm

The Twisted Imaginings of Aeron Alfrey

Inspired by the fiction of Thomas Ligotti and other dark masters of the horrific, Aeron Alfrey views the world as a strange and weird place, full of mysterious creatures. His monsters are abominable and his landscapes filled with creepy crawlies. » 4/03/11 7:00am 4/03/11 7:00am

Music, Genetics and Fantasy: An Alice Meichi Li Gallery

Welcome to the world of Alice Meichi Li, where fantasy meets the future. Everything you thought you knew about musicians and fairies is all wrong... or is it? How about a different view? We've got an incredible gallery of Li's work that will give you new perspective on the world of fairies. » 3/04/11 2:51pm 3/04/11 2:51pm

Pop Surrealism In The Artwork of Gloria Muriel

I first saw Gloria Muriel's artwork at Comic-Com San Diego last summer. Inspired by the work of Dali and yet moved by a spiritual search, her passion and enthusiasm is clearly evident in these colorful yet mournful fantasy images in our gallery. » 2/11/11 6:18pm 2/11/11 6:18pm

The naughty niceness of Tommy Kovac

Tommy Kovac is known for his melancholy characters such as Stitch, from his first comic, and Autumn, but also his mischievous Skelebunnies. His blend of whimsy and darkness appeals to goths as well as people who like mushrooms and acorns. » 11/26/10 7:00am 11/26/10 7:00am

The oddly disturbing royal portraits of Carrie Ann Baade

Anyone can look at beautiful, eye-catching portraits of everyday people doing everyday things. Or... you can gaze instead at the people who live in Carrie Ann Baade's world. You'll see influences from literature and history, plus some truly weird creatures. » 10/28/10 9:00am 10/28/10 9:00am

When Steampunk meets Surrealism

Put on your goggles (or gas mask), sit back and relax. And take a look at the world through the eyes of French artist Sam Van Olffen. His work is an intoxicating blend of surrealism, science fiction and steampunk. » 10/04/10 4:32pm 10/04/10 4:32pm

People and animals are twisted by the imagination of Valerie Jeanne

Valerie Jeanne paints people and animals. Sounds simple enough, right? However, her people and animals have a bit of a twist - and a turn. And some weirdness...which I love. Check out this Big Eye Art. » 8/31/10 2:21pm 8/31/10 2:21pm

Angels, clowns and a deep dark place: the art of Mariano Villalba

This is the work of Mariano Villalba, a young Argentinian artist whose influences include Edgar Allen Poe, Jan Saudek and Scarface! His dark surreal world is populated with fallen angels, evil clowns (are there any other kinds?) and mysterious women. » 8/09/10 3:30pm 8/09/10 3:30pm

The shadowdance of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

It's time for something beautiful. Enter the world of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, where ethereal creatures roam freely. Her work is a mixture of mythology and folklore with a hint of surrealism influenced by nature. » 6/30/10 11:49am 6/30/10 11:49am

Kris Kuksi's divine imaginings

Behold the macabre revelations of Kris Kuksi, where you will find great beauty in the grotesque. Described as "Fantastic Realism," his work incorporates figures from history, mythology and nature to create bizarre yet somehow familiar sculptures. » 5/21/10 2:20pm 5/21/10 2:20pm

The Art Of InObrAS Makes The Real Surreal

Who is the mysterious Russian artist InObrAS? InObrAs (a.k.a. Andrey S. Obryvalin) likes to skew the dimensions of architecture, animals and insects. In his artwork, everyday sights become warped landscapes right out of your loopiest dreams. » 5/01/10 2:00pm 5/01/10 2:00pm